Envisaging the Imminent Factors Shaping Loyalty Perceived by Universitas Terbuka Students of Denpasar Regional Office

Sawitri, Hendrin Hariati (2013) Envisaging the Imminent Factors Shaping Loyalty Perceived by Universitas Terbuka Students of Denpasar Regional Office.

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Impending factors influencing students loyalty viewed from student expectation, university image, service quality, handling complaints and student satisfaction were explored in this study. It was mainly aimed at recognizing the probable factors engaged in verifying student loyalty at Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia especially behold by students enrolled at Denpasar Regional Office. Specifically, it was also of interest to elucidate the most prominent feature and its attribute perceived from loyalty perspective. This inquest was undertaken utilizing a quantitative approach. All data from respondents for the sake of analysis were brought together by means of survey modus operandi. They were then processed and analyzed employing a Structural Equation Model technique. The process is then technically executed by using Lisrel version 8.30. Population were students who registered in the first semester of 2013 academic year; excluding those from basic education program. A Simple Random Sampling method was taken and 267 out of 400 questionnaires distributed were finally completed chosen from 1,110 population in total. These questionnaires explored six variables with 30 dimensions and 67 attributes through 123 final valid and reliable statements utilizing a Likert Scale 1–5. These instruments were applied to congregate responses from students to ascertain what factors would be in agreement on student loyalty in the Denpasar Regional Office milieu. Eligible respondents were students who registered in 2013 and had been enrolled at least in one semester previously at the relevant program. Student loyalty was the dependent variable. Conversely, student expectation, service quality and university image were the independent variables; likewise, handling complaints and student satisfaction were the intervening variables. Thirteen hypotheses were developed as well as scrutinized and seven of them were finally validated by the analysis. It was conclusively verified that the most substantial factor influencing student loyalty in this framework was student expectation. Besides, the most considerable attributes representing student expectation features were social appreciation and service excellence aspects.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Students loyalty, student expectation, service quality, university image, handling complaints, student satisfaction, structural equation model.
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