The Benefits of Compact Disc Interactive Mathematic as a Builder Democratic Mindset

Masduki, Lusi Rachmiazasi (2014) The Benefits of Compact Disc Interactive Mathematic as a Builder Democratic Mindset.

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Currently, we are in the technology era, almost all elementary school students can be said to have known the compact disk (CD), especially those who have and love to operate the play station (PS). In action research that I have done, it can be concluded that the users of an interactive CD which contains material worth fractions on math, are able to build a democratic mindset. Data obtained from the action, before the material is taught, each student was given a CD to learn at home and ensured they were able to operate it. When learning activities, students are given the opportunity to explore their ability by what has been understood as a material after opening a representative of their group whereas the other students respond it. It needs an experienced teacher, who will be able to catch the establishment of a democratic mindset of the students, through attitude and action patterns. Students who have a high curiosity to learn the material, the spirit to convey what is already known, likes have the courage to ask, have the ability to choose a positive attitude. Ability to "capture" the ability of the teacher is not automatic, but it needs sharpened. Coaching and training with supervision are able to motivate educators to complete professionalism, so that interactive CD can be build a democratic mindset which needs professional teachers who are able to inspire them.

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