Evaluasi Penyelenggaraan Pendidikan dan Latihan Luar Negeri (Proses Rekrutmen) di TNI AL

Sutrisno, Hadi (2008) Evaluasi Penyelenggaraan Pendidikan dan Latihan Luar Negeri (Proses Rekrutmen) di TNI AL. Masters thesis, Universitas Terbuka.


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The Indonesian Armed Forces as means of state is demanded to be able to face any kinds of threats toward the unity of Indonesian Republic Territory. For those it is needed Indonesian armed forces personnel whom have strong professionalism in order to be able to conduct Indonesian armed forces tasks suitable with their role. One of ways to improve the professionalism of Indonesian armed forces personnel is through education and training in foreign countries. This case is conducted to gain comparative studies, explore knowledge, skills and capabilities in carrying out the main tasks of Indonesian armed forces. Indonesian Navy as the primary component of the defence force on the sea has vision and mission as well as universal role. It also has interest to improve Indonesian Navy personnel to be professional. This issue can''t be separated from Indonesian Navy future posture which big, strong and professional as well as the primary equipment of weapon system owned by Indonesian Navy which is overseas product. According to the main task, vision, mission and aim of overseas education and training, Indonesian Navy plays a role in overseas education and training. This is one of efforts to enhance human resource quality of Indonesian navy personnel. However, in fact Indonesian Navy isn''t able to comply all suitable candidates for the educations and training programs which are offered by sponsor countries. So that many Indonesian Navy''s opportunities will vanish. Therefore it is necessary to evaluate the implementation of overseas education and training in Indonesian Navy. This effort is carried out to anticipate the increasing amount of education programs offered by sponsor countries and seek solution for problems faced by Indonesian Navy particularly naval education service. Based on the result of the research done using descriptive analysis through survey as technical data collecting, It is gained information that many obstacles which are faced by Indonesian Navy personnel or overseas education and training candidates related to kinds of programs offered, procedure or the applied bureaucracy in Indonesian navy. Therefore it is necessary to promote instauration by Indonesian Navy in order to achieve the expected improvement personnel professionalism through the conduction overseas education and training.

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