Membenahi Kinerja BUMN Melalui Kepemimpinan Transformasional

Enceng, and Yuli, Tirtariandi El Anshori (2013) Membenahi Kinerja BUMN Melalui Kepemimpinan Transformasional. In: Seminar Nasional Fisip-UT 2013.


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State Owned Corporation (SOC) is an entity that has two faces. As a business unit as well as a state bureaucracy makes it’s not optimal to perform its role in serving the public and making a profit for the state. This is compounded with the stigma of weakness so that the SOC can not be independent because of many external intervention, and a lack of commitment from its officials itself to do the maximum for the progress. The service problem become an issue that manypeople complain about when dealing with the SOC. Its bureaucracy side inherent in making the services provided tend convoluted, slow, and no heart. Major transformation in the working cultural aspects and human resources (HR) is required to fix the SOC in Indonesia. This paper examines how the reforms made to the SOC can be reached by implementing transformational leadership pattern. A leader of this type should be able to persuade their subordinates to perform their duties beyond their own interests for the interests of the larger organization. Plus the ability to encourage subordinates to be creative and innovative. The SOC leader can motivate employees by giving some attitudes i.e exemplification, pro active, assertive, and visionary. So, Slowly approach that often used in transactional leadership as the application of reward and punishment can be reduced. This doesn’t mean the implementation of reward and punishment system is ignored in transformational pattern. Various SOC’s case shows that some lack of reward and punishment cause corruption still occurs. Implementation of transformational leadership can ultimately make SOC as a public organization runs public services as well as a source of development funds for the government

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Divisions: Prosiding Seminar > Seminar Nasional FISIP-UT 2013
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