Kinerja Ekonomi Budidaya Tambak Rakyat: Di Propinsi Dati I Nusa Tenggara Barat (Suatu Studi Kasus Agri Bisnis dalam Budidaya Tambak)

Adisoewignyo, Wargono (1998) Kinerja Ekonomi Budidaya Tambak Rakyat: Di Propinsi Dati I Nusa Tenggara Barat (Suatu Studi Kasus Agri Bisnis dalam Budidaya Tambak). Project Report. Universitas Terbuka, Jakarta.

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Aims of the study are to look for appropriate answers of the low profile of the brackish water ponds culture (BWPC); the profile is really attributed to a simultaneous result of the low performance of either one of all sub systems that embrace the BWP, namely, the growers and their environment, the institutions, the market and marketing. Having complete information explaining the profile, the goals of the study are, then enabling the government and the private businesses, take into actions on the use of new technology, provide infrastructure and marketing facilities to increase the production the BWPC for coastal society. For academic profession, the study might enrich empirical cases of coastal development alternatives which in fact are less of publication. Using a combination of cross sectional data from grower and traders, and time series data form other resources, then the main behavior of the subsytstems could be identified. The respondents were selected by stratified random sampling and purposive techniques, while the primary data were collected through participatory contacts with respondents and resource persons. To clarify stated hypotheses regarding to the low performance (i.e. economic efficiency criteria) of the production subsystem, two CD funcitons CD are estimated, U1 Production and Ule Normal Profit Functions, and the exsistence of institution's and environment's would be be integrated in the production model. To identify the performance of the marketing subsystem, Ule Gross Marketing Margins concepts apply. The results show, eventhough, the BWPC efficiently allocate their own resources and financially feasible, but due to the lack of modem inputs and technology, then to be in an excellent performance i.e maximizing outputs and profits, the role of institutions (government, business society, and the growers themselves) should be strenghtened and joined in an integrated scheme. The maximizing outputs and profits targets do not sacrifice the necessary condition for sustainable development of coastal zones, includes coastal ecology and environment.

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