Field Trial Analysis of Printed Agricultural Extension Administration's (LUHT4343) Learning Materials

Indrawati, Endang and Farida, Idha and Yani, Diarsi Eka and Nurhasanah, (2014) Field Trial Analysis of Printed Agricultural Extension Administration's (LUHT4343) Learning Materials. In: 28th Annual Conference of the Association of Open University, 28-31 Oktober 2014, Hongkong, China.


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Revisions of printed learning materials have been made by Agribusiness Study Program in Universitas Terbuka (UT) especially for those which have been printed for more than five years, including the materials for the Agricultural Extension Administration (LUHT4343) course. Evaluation of learning materials is needed to support the suitability of the materials and competences (cognitive, affective, and psychomotoric) that students need to become effective instructional materials to support their learning activities. The purposes of this study were to describe the readability level of the Agricultural Extension Administration course and to generate analysis based on pre and post test evaluation for Module #2 and Module #5 Agricultural Extension Administration course. The design of the study was a formative evaluation research with the aim for assessing the quality and improving the printed learning material. Data obtained from these formative evaluations were collected and interpreted to solve the difficulties faced by students in studying the printed learning material. The population of study was all students in the Agribusiness study program. Thirty student samples were taken from Serang Regional Office. Data were analyzed using quantitative and qualitative analyses. Conclusions obtained from the field trial analysis concerning the readability level for Module #2 and #5 for Agricultural Extension Administration were that the learning materials were easy to understand, the materials could lead students in self-learning; the exercises given were appropriate and related to the content, the summaries given could be understood, and there were not enough examples and the illustrations were not suitable enough. Based on the pre- and post-test analysis, it can be concluded that after the students studied the materials in Module #2, there was an increase in the ability of students for mastering of the contents of Module #2 and it was significantly different before and after reading the module. On the other hand, for Module #5, there was a decreased ability of students to master the contents of the learning material and it was significantly different before and after reading the modules. Some suggestions and improvements have been proposed by students to improve the quality of the learning material in Modules #2 and #5 for Agricultural Extension Administration. Some recommendations proposed as a result of this study are firstly, re-writing and revising the learning materials in Module #2 and #5 in order to accommodate the proposed improvements and suggestions from students, and secondly, conducting further research to create non-printed course materials to improve the quality and readability of the learning materials.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: agricultural extension administration, field trial analysis, revision of printed learning materials
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