Persepsi Tenaga Medis tentang Pengaruh Gaya Kepemimpinan Terhadap Motivasi Kerja Di RSUD Kabupaten Karimun

Suharyanto, (2008) Persepsi Tenaga Medis tentang Pengaruh Gaya Kepemimpinan Terhadap Motivasi Kerja Di RSUD Kabupaten Karimun. Masters thesis, Universitas Terbuka.


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This research is aimed at analyzing the effects of leadership style on four variables to employee's motivation and also at determining which leadership style has the most dominant effect on motivation of medic employer in The District General Hospital at Karimun Regency from the four variables of leadership style. The research is conducted by applying the explanatory research using descriptive method with the quantitative approach. The independent variables are instructive leadership style, consultative leadership style, participative leadership style, and delegative leadership style. The dependent variable is employee's motivation. The sample of this research consists of 55 respondents, taken from the population of 122 medic employer in Distric General Hospital at Karimun Regency. The data is gathered by distributing questionnaires to the respondents, observation and documentation, resulting in primary and secondary data. Then the data from the respondents were subjected to validity and reliability test. Questions in the instrument which has been proved of their validity and reliability are further subjected to tests of normality, multicollinearity and heteroskedasticity assumptions. The normality test shows that the data fulfills the assumption of normality. The result of multicollinearity test shows that the variable of instructive,consultative, participative and delegative leadership style is free from multicollinearity problem. The result of heteroskedasticity test shows that the data is free from heteroskedasticity. Then descriptive analysis is applied to the items of the instrument which measure leadership style and employee's motivation in order to determine the mean, median, standard deviation, minimum and maximum of the scores of respondent's perception about leadership style and employee's motivation. Then partial effect test is applied to each leadership style (t-test), and to the variables as a whole (F-test) and regression analysis is applied to the employee's motivation scores. These tests show that the four variables have some effect on employee's motivation. The t-test measures the significance of instruktive, consultative and delegative leadership style on employee's motivation and shows that the value of t is less than 0.05 (5%). This leads to a conclusion that the effect is significant, therefore the all leadership style is not eliminated from the regression model. The multiple linear regression analysis is re-run with all type of leadership style and the result shows that consultative, delegative and instructive leadership style have significant effect on employee's motivation, except partisipative leadership style is not significant and the leadership style which has the most dominant effect on employee's motivation is consultative leadership style. From the research result, the writer suggests in the frame work of reaching vision of RSUD that is "to become the hospital has main the excellent services to reach the healthy of Karimun in 2015" must be more accommodative in engaging the aspiration of medic employee's as one of the way in order to them motivate to be more active conducting their tasks.

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