Efektivitas Pemanfaatan SMS Center Sebagai Media Komunikasi Bagi Mahasiswa UT di UPBJJ UT Surabaya

Sutini, and Daulay, Pardamean (2012) Efektivitas Pemanfaatan SMS Center Sebagai Media Komunikasi Bagi Mahasiswa UT di UPBJJ UT Surabaya. Project Report. Universitas Terbuka, Jakarta.


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Issue ofthe lack of interaction among the students actually has been attaching in arranging Long Distance Education system. However, this factor is thought to be the cause of the high number of non-active students, especially Non-Pendas students program that is not based in student groups. So, UT has developed SMS Center service as a communications student medium with the employee of UPBJJ-UT. This study aimed to describe the effectiveness of the SMS center service, if it is really capable of being a medium of communication for UT students as expected. The study used a qualitative descriptive approach by distributing limited Questionnaires and interviews to UT students in the UPBJJ- UT Surabaya region. Sampling was done by using purposive sampling technique, i.e. choosing UT student who has ever received the message (information) via the SMS center. Data were analyzed using descriptive qualitative method and interpreted in narrative manner based on research findings. The results showed that in general the SMS Center is quite effective and efficient. Efficient because the UPBJJ-UT Surabaya employee can send information to all UT students who are in Surabaya UPBJJ-UT simultaneously in a short time and it is cheaper than using the office telephone. Effective because the information conveyed quickly accepted students fit the needs of students, without access to the internet, but only via mobile. Mean while, the factors that may affect the effective use of the SMS Center is student satisfaction on the information delivered, mobile phone ownership, the easy of receive and reply, change the mobile card regularly, delivery charges of SMS, and a personnel officer has not permanent. There are six types of information need to be sent regularly via SMS Center, namely: 1) registration deadline, 2) limit exam registration of SOU, 3) the date of UAS and SUO, 4) the announcement of exam results, 5) implementation of online tutorials, and 6) student activities. Recommendation which is able to be offered to the user are SMS Center socialize extensively to students, employees UPBJJ-UT Surabaya, and administrators pokjar, realize students’ desire to transmit important information relating to the student at UT routinely and assign operator SMS Center officers.

Item Type: Monograph (Project Report)
Additional Information (ID): 2012_36
Uncontrolled Keywords: effectiveness, SMS Center, media communications, UT student
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