An Examination Of Role Perceptions Of Senior Administrators In State Higher Education Institutions In Indonesia

Andriani, Durri (1994) An Examination Of Role Perceptions Of Senior Administrators In State Higher Education Institutions In Indonesia. Doctoral thesis, University of Victoria.

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The primary purpose of this study was to compare and contrast how men and women in similar senior administrative positions in higher education institutions perceived ideal characteristics for success in their positions, how they felt about those ideal characteristics compared to their own, and how they saw and managed obstacles faced in their current positions. In addition, in order to investigate underrepresentation of women in senior administrative positions, this study also explored how female senior administrators felt about being women in their current positions. The instruments used in this study were a self-administered questionnaire and semi structured interviews. The questionnaire was designed to assess the respondent's perception of the ideal characteristics and to identify obstacles faced in pursuing an administrative career. A semi-structured interview was designed to obtain information related to how respondents rate themselves on their perceived characteristics of effective administrators and how the respondents manage their perceived obstacles. A total of 223 senior administrators responded to the questionnaire. In addition, 8 male and 8 female senior administrators were interviewed. Data were analyzed by theme grouping and frequency counting. In general, there were no differences in the sets of characteristics for effective administrators derived from male and female respondents. Nor were there differences in sets of characteristics derived from respondents based on their positions and age. The characteristics clustered into three groups: those related to self, related to system, and related to the interaction between self and system. However, there were differences in the priorities given to the characteristics. The interviewed respondents believed they possess the necessary characteristics to carry out their responsibilities effectively. Obstacles faced in pursuing administrative careers, in general, arose from self, system, and the interaction between self and system. All obstacles faced by female respondents were also faced by male respondents except for one, negative perceptions toward women in administrative positions. In addition, male and female respondents differed in the priority assigned to the obstacles. The interviewed respondents managed their obstacles according to the nature of the obstacles. iv For obstacles which were believed to be unchangeable, respondents tried to just ignore them. For obstacles perceived to be changeable, respondents did something, either to themselves, to the work-system, or to others. In exploring female respondents' feeling about being women in their current positions, it was found that even though the respondents were now comfortable in their positions, they had previously had to face years of battle. Being a woman and having a career was difficult because of the difficulties of gaining legitimacy in the system and the difficulties of role-conflicts. Based on the findings, it is recommended to reconsider the characteristics used to evaluate administrators for promotion, to increase extra-to-load allowance for senior administrators, to differentiate promotion regulations into three groups (academic, administrative, and academic who are posted in administrative positions), and to provide autonomy to higher education institutions.

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