Master of Education a Proposal for Creating Test Item Eanks at Universitas Terbuka

Nugraha, Sumedi Priyana (1987) Master of Education a Proposal for Creating Test Item Eanks at Universitas Terbuka. Masters thesis, Simon Fraser University.


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Universitas Terbuka uses a multiple-choice format test as the only means for assessing students' achievement. Universitas Terbuka does not statistically analyze its item collections although item analysis is a crucial process in any objective test development. In this study, I propose the establishment of an item bank model at Universitas Terbuka. The main task in developing the item bank system is to carry out test item analyses. In this study I analyzed test items using two approaches: classical item analysis, and the Rasch Model. The main features of classical item analysis include p-value, discriminating power, and distractor analysis. The purpose of doing this analysis was to delete poor items and items were retained if r.pbis > 0.2 and all options were chosen by some students. Furthermore, only one dLstractor was allowed to have a positive r.pbis up to 0.05. Classical item analysis showed only 38% of items on the December 1986 and 54% of items on the May 1987 English examination were satisfactory. Furthermore, 33% of items in December 1986 and 70% of items in the May 1987 Mathematics examination were satisfactory. The rest of the items were not suitable for assessing student achievement because they had poor characteristics. The Rasch Model provides a different approach to item analysis. This model is very useful for adjusting all items in the collection onto a common difficulty scale, especially when teachers want to create different tests to measure the same objectives. In this study a number of items common to the December 1986 and May 1987 examination were used to adjust all the remaining items onto a common difficulty scale. To benefit from the calibrated items, all items need to be entered into an item bank in order that item collections are easy to be retrieved. In the final chapter of this study, I propose a systematic procedure for creating, field-testing, analyzing, calibrating items, and constructing an item bank to manage test production.

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