Analisis Media Sosial Sebagai Pembentuk Konflik Sosial di Masyarakat

Alviani, Sisi Renia and Gusnita, Chazizah (2018) Analisis Media Sosial Sebagai Pembentuk Konflik Sosial di Masyarakat. In: Open society conference, social and political challenges in industrial revolution 4.0 (BNBB), 15 November 2018, UTCC.


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As information technology develops, social media is the only product of the era revolution 4.0 which experienced rapid progress. Through social media,everything can reach in a short distance and time. The benefits offered by this social media side by side with the loss. Because many people use social media unwise. One of them developed social conflict in the community. Identification the problem in this analysis saw social conflict through social media done verbally and visual. Everyone without strong evidence can provide data,information, which can be cannot be accounted for. But when it appears on personal social media pages someone, everything can be accessed. Likewise, the visuals uploaded can be raises new perceptions for people whose ends end in social conflict. Ai this analysis wants to give an idea of how a verbal social conflict originated froms ocial media and realized into the real world. So this analysis can provide awareness of all social media users wisely. Methods of analysis using studies literature with a variety of descriptive literature related to social media. In the discussion analyze how everyone uses social media without rules and rules provisions in restrictive laws. Unlike the mass media already have their own code of ethics. That way, the influence of social media is very large from all fronts. The amount of influence of social media is widely used by a number of people in various fields, politically, economically, socially,it became a conflict that brought a lot profit. A conscious and unconscious society, social media helps form a paradigm new in everyone and high dependency.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Technology, social media, social conflict, society
Subjects: 000 Generalities > 000-009 Knowledge - Special Computer Methods (Ilmu Umum dan Komputer) > 006.754 Online Social Network (Situs Jejaring Sosial, Sosial Media)
300 Social Science > 300-309 Sociology and Anthropology (Sosiologi dan Antropologi) > 302.23 Media of Communication, Mass Media (Media Komunikasi, Media Massa)
Divisions: Prosiding Seminar > Seminar Nasional FHISIP-UT 2018
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