Effors To Improve Body Through Measurement Index Industry Search Merchant Marine Higher Education

Malau, April Gunawan and Malau, Albert Gamot and Malau, Jan Hotman (2017) Effors To Improve Body Through Measurement Index Industry Search Merchant Marine Higher Education. IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS), 2 (10). pp. 22-30.


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Abstract: This study aims to analyze the state of physical fitness cadet STIP and analyze study Body Mass Index ( BM I) cadets STIP. This research is expected to be usefubs input and consideration material for releaced institution in order to make campus activity program. The method used in this research is quantitative descriptive analysis method with data processing. The subjects of this study were the cadets of STIP in 2015. The example used was cadets of the third semester of batch 57 and the fifth semester of batch 56 and the sevent semester of batch 55 to know the B M I cadets were weasured by the height test in meters and weight in kilograms. Technical analysis of data with descriptive analysis with percentage. The study concluded that by performing calcubtion using BMI ( Body Mass Index) calcubtions against cadets of 1295 cadets, there are still some who have less ideal and fifth semester (batch 56 ) for the category there are 49,09% (407 people), fatness category there are 44,51% (369 people),the category of obesity 156,39% (53 people). The third semester of female cadets (batch 57) and fifth semester ( batch 56) for the skinny category were 10,13% ( 8 people)and the obese category 15,19% (12 people), seventh cadets (batch 55) for the category of thin 3,95% (13 people), normal. Category 59,88% ( 197 people),fatness category 14,59% ( 48 people), obesity category 15,50% ( 51 people). The last is the seventh cadet data of women.(batch 55)for the category of thin 0% (none),normal category 86,05% (37 people,fatness,category 4,65% { 2 person ) and obesity 9,03% (4 people)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: sports activities, physical fitness, ideal mass index, cadets
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