Penerapan Aplikasi Pengelolaan Data Nasabah Berbasis Desktop Pada Bank Sampah Teratai Pinang Griya-Tangerang

Rahayu, Sri and Anggraeni, Desy and Safitri, Julia (2022) Penerapan Aplikasi Pengelolaan Data Nasabah Berbasis Desktop Pada Bank Sampah Teratai Pinang Griya-Tangerang. IGKOJEI: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, 3 (3). 97 -103. ISSN 2746-8656

2. Desktop-based customer data management program application at the Teratai Pinang Griya waste bank-Tangerang.pdf

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Data storage security is the most important part of an organizational activity, because documents or archives are one of the important sources of information that can support the activity process. This Community Service (PKM) aims to help secure customer data storage and facilitate administrative service activities at the Lotus Waste Bank, Pinang Griya-Tangerang. In general, these activities are serving customers to save waste which is valued at a certain amount of money. The management of customer data that has been carried out so far has often caused problems, namely incomplete or missing customer data forms, as well as difficulties in tracing data if needed quickly. The PKM method uses three steps, namely: the document analysis stage, the practical stage for making desktop applications and the mentoring stage. The results of this PKM show that documents are still managed manually, desktop-based applications have been implemented for customer data management, and assistance and consultation have been carried out regularly so that applications that have been implemented can be operated independently by the management of the Teratai Waste Bank. The conclusion is that the application of information technology in the form of desktop-based applications can be a solution to overcome the problems of managing customer data at the Teratai Waste Bank, Pinang Griya - Tangerang.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Customer data management; Desktop application; Lotus waste bank , Aplikasi desktop; Bank sampah teratai; Pengelolaan data nasabah
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300 Social Science > 360-369 Social Problems and Services (Permasalahan dan Kesejahteraan Sosial) > 363.7288 Garbage Disposal (Permasalahan Pembuangan Sampah dan Limbah)
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