Evaluasi Formatif BMP PTK Impementasinya pada Prodi S1 PG PAUD di UPBJJ Semarang

Haryati, Yuli and Ismartoyo, (2014) Evaluasi Formatif BMP PTK Impementasinya pada Prodi S1 PG PAUD di UPBJJ Semarang. Project Report. Universitas Terbuka, Semarang.


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This formative evaluation research was began from the problem which was faced by the university students of PG PAUD bachelor program took PTK subject, BMP which is used by the university students is same with the other programs. The contens/matters which is connected with the samples of case/problem in TK/PAUD is lack of synchronous/relevant the reality that they faced as the teachers of TK/PAUD. This matter was also effected to the university students toward the mastery of PTK concept understanding, due to many university students experienced the difficulty to perform the PKP. This matter was looked like the result of of evaluation research toward the implementation of PG PAUD PKP in Wonosobo which the writer done a few months ago. The student was lack to understand the concept of PTK, so that they faced the difficulty to write the PKP report. Therefore, the writer tend to evaluate The BMP PTK by the research of formative evaluation especially for the samples of case/or problem written in BMPwas aimed to learn the information abaut the consistency of BMP writing related with the learning in TK/PAUD and to gain the information a bout the university students’ difficulties in learning/understanding BMP especially the PTK consepts. For data colleting in the formative evaluation of BMP PTK used Questionnaire, observation and interview by: (1) one-to-one evaluation with 3 eexpert, (2)one-to-one evaluation with 3 university students;(3)small group evaluations by interviewing of 10 university students; and (4) field experiment by gave the questionnaire, and analized the data by Descriptive Qualitative. From the collected data both from the experts and the students was obtained the results that indicator, was the students’ difficulties in learning/understanding the BMP and indicator 2 is the consistency of BMP writing and 90% of the field experiment’s result with 30 university students stated that the writing of problem sample/case of learning in BMP PTK wasnot appropriate with the learning in TK/PAUD. Itcould be concluded that the students of PG PAUD had difficulty in learning/understanding BMP PTK and the writing of problem samples/case of learning in BMP PTK was not consistent with the learning in TK/PAUD.

Item Type: Monograph (Project Report)
Additional Information (ID): 2014_75
Uncontrolled Keywords: formative evaluation, BMP PTK, PG PAUD.
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