Analisis Pengaruh Kualitas Pelayanan terhadap Kepuasan Pelanggan pada PDAM Alor

Allung, Elisabet (2008) Analisis Pengaruh Kualitas Pelayanan terhadap Kepuasan Pelanggan pada PDAM Alor. Masters thesis, Universitas Terbuka.


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For the human life development that to preasure for public service has more be growt too. The people did not tend to give needed life but furthermore to need aware for a quality service for give to consumer satisfied. PDAM Alor will be effort to give service for needed water treatment that away for application often has problem with community using water and specially from consumen. The last survey will say that is difficult to take cleaning water this is a problem in Alor that was not to regulation from Alor Goverment in this case is institution of PDAM. On one side demand of community will the water treatment is will be more but the other side the quality service to giving for consumen did not compare with demand of community. This survei has to do get know effect for the service quality was consumen satisfied. The subyek survei is PDAM Alor, the survei of sample is the consumen of PDAM Alor with number 97 person. The technical survei in this sampling is use proposive sampling and aksidental sampling. The type of survei is casual survei that is survei to aim for experiment variable with extrogen to endogen variable. From the model of survei to do is with hope there are experiment to relation with variable that all to do one implication this hipotesis there for posetive implication and significant with service of satisfied consumen. Methot of getting sample is use a personally adminsitrasi question this methot to do with giving question form (questioner) to any person. After indicate was limited time to filled question form, than the question form will be back to surveyor for to do the primer data in this survey getting sample to do with use close angket. Result of processing data as be considere interval. The question in the close angket to do by use scala 1 - 10 has to get interval considere data. Lattice instrument to do use for indicate service quality and satisfied consumen. cenist of two variable naimly quality service and satisfied consumen. Technical analysis data for use has to know stage of consumen satisfied with consumen PDAM Alor to considere descriptif statistic. Therefore hipotesis experiment to do is regresi analysis , validasi test, reliability test, and normalitas test with use software SPSS v 15. From the hipotesis tes to get t value count 10.017 and table value 2.626 or t value count > t table and signifikan degree 0,000 below far 0.05 that shown service quality. Will effect posetive and signifikan for consumen satisfied. The result survey shown indicate determination koefIsien (R Square) 51.4 % its mean 51.4 satisfied consumen to get of quality satisfied and than the rest. Will be effect by the other any cause in out quality service. Resume from this survey has prove the servis quality was impact for consumen satisfied. The service quality will be able from reliability , responsiveness, assurance emphaty and tangible.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: service quality and satisfied consumen
Subjects: 600 Technology and Applied Sciences > 650-659 Management and Auxiliary Service (Manajemen dan Ilmu yang Berkaitan) > 658.812 Customer Satisfaction/TQM/Quality Of Service (Kepuasan Pelanggan)
Divisions: Tugas Akhir Program Magister (TAPM) > Magister Manajemen
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