Penilaian Kualitas Pendidikan Dasar di Berbagai Lingkungan Pendidikan serta Hubungannya dengan Sejumlah Variabel Pendidikan

Moegiadi, (1979) Penilaian Kualitas Pendidikan Dasar di Berbagai Lingkungan Pendidikan serta Hubungannya dengan Sejumlah Variabel Pendidikan. Doctoral thesis, Institut Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan.

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The educational decision makers and planners in Indonesia have for a long time realized the lack of information on educational quality.Many people are aware of the disparity in education, in the sense that there are differences in the qual1ty of education among the regions, and yet valid and reljable information is difficult to obtain. The definite answer to the questions concerning the differences in educational envirOnment such as between the cities and districts is still unknown. And it is still a big question about what kind of variables could possibly influence and explain the quality of education in different settings. Objectives The objectives of the study are: (1) to identify the quality of education in various educational environments; (2) to find out the relationship between students' achievement and a number of variables; and (3) to study which aspects of curriculum are well mastered and which areas are poorly learned by the VI grade students of the elementary school. These objectives which will be achieved through this study, are aimed at helping educational planners, curriculum designers as well as experts who are interested in research in the field of educational sciences. The knowledge expected to be gained from this study, is also aimed at helping those who plan educational activities. Instruments Two kinds of instruments were constructed to achieve the objectives of the study: (a) Achievement Tests and (b)Questionnaires. Four achievement tests were constructed to measure the achievement levels of VI grade primary school students in four areas of study; Mathematics, Bahasa Ir,donesia, Science and Social Studies. Questionnaires were designed for students, teachers, and headmasters to collect the information needed. Sample The country was devided into ten regions for sampling procedures. Out of -2 360 wilayah population, 158 had been selected at random. Schools within a wilayah were stratified according to type of school. The study reported in this paper is carried out through five different education environments, namely: urban areas, rural areas, Jakarta Metropolitan City, districts (Dati I & II), and sub-districts (Kecamatan/ Village). The student sample of this study is a national sample covering 12 226 of VI grade primary schools. Processing the Data The data which had been collected are processed by statistics relevant to research questions. Simple descriptive statistics were used to identify the Percentage; Mean, Standard Deviation and Coefficient Correlation. Analysis of Variance and Multiple Regression Analysis were used to deal with more complicated data. Chi-Square was also used to identify any differences which might possibly appear among students of other educational environments in mastering the instructional objectives. Results The result of the study shows significant differences in student achievement between Jakarta Metropolitan City, districts and sub districts/villages. There are also differences among those students in mastering the instructional objectives which are relevant not only to students' intellectual aspects such as; recall of facts, comprehension, application, synthesis and computation in mathematics; but also to curriculum topics in Mathematics and Bahasa Indonesia. The study also yields a close relationship between variance of students achievement with home, school, and other variables. It is clear that a number of variables play different roles in different educational environments. Based on the results of this study, recommendations have been put forward which might be of some help to educational planners, curriculum designers and also to scholars who are interested in the study of Social Sciences, especially in the filed of Education.

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